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Automatic Fall Type Packing Machine

Tidy, mature and reliable equipment, automatic packing of various products for cosmetic, medicine, food, beverage and other industries.

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  • Modernpack
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Introduction of equipment
The automatic packing machine has a wide range of applications, small area, reliable performance, quick operation and high precision. It can be adjusted according to the specifications of cardboard boxes and packaging materials used by customers, and the customers are not required to make other cartons, which reduces the cost of use. Tidy, mature and reliable equipment, automatic packing of various products for cosmetic, medicine, food, beverage and other industries.
Work flow:
Automatic lane line: empty - positioning automatic blanking - carton discharge
Equipment features:
There is a lack of bottle alarm and stop, no bottle stop packing, the frame is made of all metal welding, and the structure is strong and reliable.
Using double feeding method: small area, simplifying the packing and transporting system and reducing the cost of the whole machine.
High quality module net into bottle conveyor chain, low friction, adapt to all kinds of bottle type accumulation, transport more light and smooth, power consumption is small;
With PLC + touch screen control, the reliability is improved, the operation is convenient, and the degree of automation is high.
With the touch screen operation, the operation interface is simple and convenient, and it can be applied to a variety of bottle types by changing the change parts.
Most of the electrical components are well-known brands, stable performance, high efficiency, noise reduction, noise less than 75 decibels;
In accordance with the requirements of food hygiene: the use of oil free lubricating components, simple maintenance, and increase the maintenance performance.

Production capacity 10 boxes / minutes
Production efficiency 95%
The way to carton single box in the same direction
Packing form single layer arrangement into the box
Applicable products square bottle and round bottle
Machine shape size (L * W * H) 3000*1500*1700 (mm)
Use the largest carton size L200-480*W150-380*H100-350mm (according to the actual situation of custom)
Compressed air pressure  0.4-0.6Mpa
Gas consumption 0.2m fand /min
Voltage 380V 50/60HZ
Total power 6kw
Machine weight 1500kg

Main electrical configuration
PLC: SIEMENS, Schneider, MITSUBISHI and so on
Touch screen: SIEMENS, Schneider, MITSUBISHI, etc.
Variable frequency governor: SIEMENS, Schneider, MITSUBISHI and so on
Pneumatic components:.
Motor: Taiwan brand motor




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