automatic juice filling machine for the can automatic juice filling machine for the can

Juice cans filling machine is mainly used for filling soda drink, if juice, tea beverage, peanut milk, walnut milk, coconut milk, Red Bull energy drinks, for three pieces of tinplate.

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  • Model: YGF
  • Brand: modernpack
  • Code: 84223010
  • Product Description

This machine is imported and imported by foreign advanced technology, which has been digested and absorbed, and can be designed and manufactured. It is mainly used for beverage filling. Cans filling production line, filling and sealing is the integration of automatic filling production line, mainly used for carbonated drinks, tea drinks, juice drinks, functional drinks, health drinks, food beverage, all kinds of probiotic beverages,
Full automatic canning filling production line for wine and so on.
1, filling machine: whole closed, aseptic filling process filling with advanced gravity filling principle, accurate filling accuracy, fast speed, stable production capacity, to solve the "safety" problem of filling drinks.
2, cover: can be sealed in a short time; after the bottle sealed no air, to ensure the flavor of the drink, with a bottle mouth sterilization, effectively guarantee the quality of drinks.
3, can use matching filling machine, capping machine, water treatment equipment, spraying sterilization machine, beverage sterilizer, labeling machine, labeling machine, film charter machine.