Bottle Blowing Making Machine (MP-B-2) Bottle Blowing Making Machine (MP-B-2)

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  • Product Description
Stretch-blow Molding machine is newly designed and reformed on previous experiences of our manufacture (with great development on the aspect of 2-in-1 cylinder structure, new model mold-clocked set and automatic voltage-regulating set of temperature controller of reheating unit). The mechanical structure is reasonable and compact with small volume, lightweight and artistic shape. Controlled by reliable electrical and pneumatic systems, the machine runs steadily with low noise and very convenient to be operated. It is an ideal equipment to make different-shaped containers, such as mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, cosmetics bottles, medicine bottles, pesticide bottles, edible-oil bottles, wine bottles and milk bottles, which have passed the test given by the Packing Material Development and Inspection Center of China Medicine Authority. With less investment and high efficiency, it does help you raise production and save energy. Besides, it accords with demands of hygienic food. Equip with an infrared type rotary-reheating unit to heat preform. In the unit, we adopt far infrared heating lamps to heat the preform from both sides. The preform will be placed on the circulating discs of the heater. Along with the disc's rotation and revolution, the preform will slowly spin into the heater and pass through heater's heating area to achieve uniform heating effect throughout its body and two walls. Moreover, we have also designed special cooling channels on the heater. With both effects of natural cooling and fan cooling, the heat won't accumulate on the circulating discs to affect preform's correct heating effect. In addition, the circulating discs have several array modes for choice to fit preforms with difference neck size, and can move very smoothly because of the nice cooperation of the preform heating stand-frame's oriented mechanism. In conclusion, the reheating unit can heat various of preform to produce diversified container. Main Technical Data Force of Closing Mold 80KN Product Capacity 1800bottle/Hr (With 2-cavity mold) Max. Volumeter of Product 2L Working Air Pressure of Main Engine 0.8-1.0Mpa Plastic-Blowing Air Pressure 0.8-3.0Mpa Heating Power 5~8KW Max. Stretch Length 350mm Max. Movable Mold Board Traveling Distance 230mm Allowing Mold Thickness 180-280mm Distance Between Two Mold Centers 150-210mm Power Supply Three Phase AC 380V Frequency HZ 50 General Motor Power 750W Cooling Fan Motor Power in Motor Box 20W Cooling Channels Fan Motor Power 40W Top Exhaust Fan Motor Power 700W Infrared Heating Lamp 28pcs Power for Each Infrared Heating Lamp 600W Linear Speed of Heating Stand-frame 10 mm/s Width of Heating Channels 100~130 mm Height of Heating Channels 300~330 mm Range of Plastic Preform's Neck Size 15~120 mm Range of Plastic Preform's Thickness 1~6 mm Dimension of Master Blowing Unit 1.65x0.72x1.86mm Dimension of Reheating Unit 1.89x0.71x1.57 mm Weight of Master Blowing Unit 550Kg Weight of Reheating Unit 280Kg