Bottle Neck Label Sleeving Machine Bottle Neck Label Sleeving Machine

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  • Product Description
Bottle Neck Label Sleeving Machine Input Power 1.5KW Input Voltage φ 3, 380/220VAC Production Efficiengcy 100-200bottle/min Size of Host Machine L780mmxw1200mmxH2000mm Applicable Aperture Diameter Range φ 35mm-50mm Applicable Thickness of Label 0.03mm-0.13mm Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube 5"-10"(Free Adjustment) 1. Name: Automatic Shrink sleeve labeling machine Suitable product: Plastic containers in beverage, health, cosmetic, daily consumption fields etc. 2. Composition: -Infeed and outlet Conveyor -Label supply plate -Label cutting knife -Photo- electricity sensor -Touch screen control box -Oven (steam or heat) 3. Characteristics: -This machine can work with the drink, the water production line together, the connection is simple; -The man-machine contact surface control, easy to operate, easy to study and understand, danger signal demonstrating; -The design of the reamer-seat is novel, just need to simply adjust the reamer-flake to be allowed to shut off the volume sign in the specification scope; -Replacing specification fast, convenient and simple, moreover not need any special tool; -Compulsory to wrap label, which is reliable and economical. The label thickness may reach 0.10mm; -Reorganization of the driver of this machine is simple, to suit volume label of the different specification If you need any other information, please contact us.