Cup filling machine Cup filling machine

Made of stainless steel, plastic cup for liquid filling and sealing applicable to various shapes. Mainly suitable for filling, liquid and materials such as: jelly, yogurt, juice, spices, sauces, soy milk, breakfast and other necessary projects

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  • Model: CF
  • Brand: modernpack
  • Code: 84223010
  • Product Description

1, this machine is suitable for jam, honey, margarine, jelly and other beverage filling and sealing.
2, the use of electric, pneumatic joint drive, drive smoothly, save manpower, reduce costs. Cups, filling, sealing, cutting, product output, scrap film supply is fully automatic.
3, high efficiency, four cup can be filled, sealed and cut on the machine at the same time.
4. The installation of photoelectric sensor correction device, through the color code detection, automatic correction of the sealing film front, to ensure the accurate position of the seal pattern.
5, heat sealing device, tight sealing, reliable quality.
6, according to customer requirements date printer.
Technical parameter:
Model: CF-4
Production speed: 4000-5000 / hour
Power supply: 380V/50Hz 3 phase 4 wire
The maximum gas consumption: 0.6m fand / min