Full automatic glass bottle filling machine with air beverage Full automatic glass bottle filling machine with air beverage

The machine is full automatic filling machine for the use of advanced technology, can be used for various types of glass bottle filling, with a high degree of automation, advanced and reasonable design structure, accurate filling action and many other advantages, is the preferred equipment for beverage manufacturers

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  • Model: XGFD
  • Brand: modernpack
  • Code: 84223010
  • Product Description

This machine set of bottle washing, filling and capping unit, with the introduction of foreign advanced gas filling technology as the foundation, is an efficient automatic liquid packaging equipment, this machine is suitable for packaging of beverages containing gas, has the following characteristics: filling, filling valve and cylinder parts for direct contact with the material are made of high quality stainless steel or non-toxic materials, comply with food hygiene standards; seals made of heat-resistant rubber, to meet the requirements of the user process of high temperature sterilization; it adopts PLC programmable controller, realized from the bottle into the machine to packaging automatic control, use the frequency control of motor speed, easy to adjust the equipment, to meet the different technological requirements on production capacity; the valve spring pressure filling principle and popular, to ensure the quality of the beverage, adopts magnetic clutch screw adjustment cover advanced torque loading The sealing quality is guaranteed.
1: This machine uses the air delivery way and the bottle dial wheel direct connection technology, canceled the bottle screw and conveyor chain, change bottle type is simple and easy;
2: the bottle transmission all adopts the card bottle technology, the transformation bottle type does not need to adjust the equipment height, only needs to change and the bottle body diameter related arc guide plate, dials the wheel and so on nylon piece;
3: special design of bottle washing machine, bottle clamp durable, high efficiency, flushing effect is good;
4: high speed and large flow gravity filling valve, filling speed is fast, accurate liquid level, no liquid loss;
5: out of the bottle, dial the bottom of the bottle plate using spiral down way, change the bottle type need not adjust the height of the bottle conveyor chain.