Hot-Melt Labeling Machine (OPP-200) Hot-Melt Labeling Machine (OPP-200)

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  • Product Description
High-efficient Wrap-around labeling machine can label the PET bottle with OPP, PE or paper label. The capacity is 12000-40000bph. 1. Name: Automatic Wrap-around labeling machine 2. Composition: -Infeed and outlet Conveyor -In feed star wheel -Timing screw part -Label roll stand part -Vacuum drum -Hot melt gluer -Discharge start wheel -Label cutting knife -Air and lubrication part -PLC control -Label adjuster 3. Operating Principle: -This is roll-fed type labeler where label is supplied from roll. -Labels loaded in roll stand are pulled through guide rail and roller by feed roller. -Sensor detects I-mark during labels go through feed roll. -Location of I-Mark is recognized, then the corrector calibrates & controls the speed of feeding roller and decides the correct cutting point on label. -After passing feeding roller, the labels come into & are cut in label cutting part, and cut labels are delivered to vacuum drum. -When vacuum drum turns and sensor detects labels on vacuum drum, hot metl glue roller goes into & put the glue on labels. -Glued label is delivered to main drum and faces to bottle coming out of timing screw with regular distance. Labeled bottles are transferred through side belt which presses label in perfect and are discharged. If you need any other information, please contact us.