Labeling Machine Labeling Machine

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  • Product Description
Worldwide innovated technology step motor link cutting system with long lifespan of cut blades. Highly effective production speed. It can work with the production line or just work alone. With reliable mechanism of precision in designed, the materials of stainless steel has been adopted for the frame of machines& chassis raw materials made by metallic aluminum for antirust. Convenience for label replacement with 2 optional channels material supply exchanged system. Multiple choices for all kinds of bottle in cylinder, oval, slipcover & body. (The machine can be adjusted for tilt insertion). Unique grasping and cutting break point structure. It is really a break though design for development. Easy operation for interface &graphic colored monitoring controlled with full operation manual in English &Chinese versions. Also the machine equipped with alarm system without any operators monitoring Low cost for maintenance with disposable blade for easy replacement. Replacement between round and square bottles, it is more easy and accurate to adjust specification. Labeling machine