Liner type small water filling machine Liner type small water filling machine

Liner type Water Filling Machine / Bottling Equipment
The production line includes auto washer, auto filler, auto capping and conveyor etc.
The key parts for washing ,filling and sealing are made of high quality stainless steel,with the features or advanced technology ,completed system,reliable performance,easy in operation.etc.

1000-2000 bottles in one hour (bph)
3000-4000 bottles in one hour (bph)
5000-6000 bottles in one hour (bph)
Automatic machine
CE SGS certificate

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  • Model: QSG-2000
  • Brand: MODERN PACK
  • Code: 8422301090
  • Product Description

Liner Washing Filling Capping Machine Feature


This separately washing filling capping machine has the automatic washing machine,  filling machine, automatic capping machine and  conveyor and so on.
The main parts of the washing, filling and capping machine are adopt stainless steel with the function of advanced technologies, perfect structure, reliable performance and convenient operation.

The equipment is suitable for producingPure Water, tea, juice and other beverages. With the press type filling theory, we can fill the material quickly, control the liquid level steadily and with no leaking. Spring type pliers for washing the bottles 180° reversed along with the track. Capping the cap with the theory of magnetic torque force, it can seal the cap perfectly and no damage to the cap.

Model QSG-2000 QSG-4000 QSG-6000
Washing heds 12 16 24
Filling heads 12 16 24
Capping heads 1 6 8
Volume (L) 100ml-2250ml (can by the order)
suitable bottle specification(mm) φ=50-110 H=170 volume=330-2250ml (can by the order)
Capacity (BPH) 1800-2000 3000-4000 6000-7000
Washing  pressure(kg/cm2 ) 0.2
Filling temperature 5-90 C
Motor power(Kw) 3.05 4.07 4.82
Rated voltage(V) 380V/50Hz (can by the order)
Outline dimension(mm) 6001302150 7001550×2650 8501750×2650
Weight(kg) 1200 1650 2200



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