Automatic Case Packer(Wrap Around Carton Packer) Automatic Case Packer(Wrap Around Carton Packer)

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  • Product Description
High-efficient Case packer can pack glass bottle, PET bottle, and pot-top cans with carton. The capacity is 30-90packs/m. 1. Name: Automatic Case packer(Wrap around carton packer) 2. Composition: Flow chart: (bottle in-feed)-(bottle separating)-(cardboard in-feed)-(folding)-(spraying glue)-(pressing and shaping)-(final product) -Bottle in-feed conveyor: Transferring products into bottle separating section. -Bottle separating: Separating the products into scheduled formats. -Cardboard feeding: Cardboard grasped by pump then transferred to synchronous conveying section. -Synchronous conveying: Cardboard and products transferred to glue spraying section synchronously. -Spraying glue: Wrapping the products and spraying. -Case pressing: Clamping wrapped and sprayed case firmly and making it sticky. 3. Operating Principle: -Glass bottle in-feed: Bottles are transferred into bottle in-feed conveyor by conveyor, firstly going into the bottle guiding plate then into bottle vibrating area (preventing bottles block), then going to segregating plates and separating glass bottles into different lanes according to customers requirements. -Cardboard magazine: It can store about 200PCS cardboards one time, the net conveyor moved with cardboards by the movement of cylinder, cardboards which are grasped by vacuum sucker piece by piece are put on the slope conveyor then brought into waiting packing area. -Bottle separating: Separating the glass bottles from bottle in-feed conveyor into scheduled groups with two servo motors according to customers requirements then transferring the glass bottle into packing area. -Bottle pushing: Bottle pushing bar and guardrail getting the glass bottles together according to the group customers requested then pushing the glass bottles on cardboard. -Folding conveyor: Glass bottles and cardboards move on the conveyor together, folding all sides of cardboard by mechanical actions then spraying glue and sticking. -Glue and shaping: Wrapped cartons clamped then moved on conveyor, waiting a few seconds until the hot-melt glue becomes hardening and transferred out to finish the whole packing.