PE Film Wrapping Shrink Machine PE Film Wrapping Shrink Machine

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  • Product Description
Wrapping Film Thermal Shrink Machine One. Technical parameters @Equipment type: WD-150A @Outline dimension of the equipment: L5050*W3300*H2100mm @The largest dimension of the wrappage: L600*W400*H350mm @Material of shrink film: PE @Thickness of shrink film: 0.03-0.15mm @The highest temperature of the heat shrink furnace: 160-260. Can adjust freewill. @The maximum production per minute: 0-12 pakage @Equipment capacity: 20Kw @Actual power consumption: 15Kw/hour @Pressure request: 220V @Equipment weight: 1.2T @Machine reuired air pressure of the compressor: 0.6-0.8Mpa Price: 10, 500USD FOB Shanghai port Two. Basic configuration of the equipment: @Canada maintain: 5.7 inch touch screen, PLC control system. (can choose other brand) @One set Taiwan Airtac pneumatic element @Three sets Taiwan Taida thansducer @Twelve pieces stainless and iron pterygoid heating pipe @Teflon transportation net which are produced by Sino-America cooperation. @Electrical machine by Shanghai and Beauty coperation, warm transmission by Zhejiang Taili. @Korea Ottonix photoelectric switch, proximity switch. @We can make Heat sealing sword cast aluminium heat appliance specially, well proportioned temperature and long lived. @Surface of the whole machine are plastic spraying, frame work adopt excellent carbon steel, the mainstay adopt stainless steel. @The length of bottle transport machine: 2600mm @Packed with wooden case and winded film seperately. Three. Product description: @Frequancy control, Secondary bottle transport device. @The whole set which are push bottle, heat sealing cutting adopt pneumatic structure. @Inductive switch control film length. @Touch screen, PLC control system advanced reliability of the equipemtn function. @Circular wind machine, resuare well-proportioned temperature of the shrink furnace. @Strong cooling system can reassure finalize the design quickly. @Heat-fast Teflon transport net, transport steady, high strength and stand wear and tear. @Frequancy conversion timing net transportation structure. @The height of the conveyer belt can be made according to the user, adustable range + -50mm @Bottole transport machine can satisfy the direction of the user, it can prolong and shorten @Pterygoid stainless iron heating system, durability. @Satisfy the bear storage rack device of the short duration for the product, assure consecutive work for the production line. Four. Technical requirement and request: Packing terms: (1)350/500/550/600ML large package: 4*6, 4*5 Small package: 3*4, 3*5 Four packing terms. (2)1L/1.5L/2L/2.5L large package: 3*3, 3*4 Small Package: 2*2, 2*3 Four packing terms. For the pop can packing, we advise packing with pallet, it will be steady. Packing speed: 8-15 bundles/minute Satisfy the speed of the liquid filling machine. (1)350/500/550/600ML large package: 4*6, 4*5, (12000-15000 bottles/hour) Small package: 2*3, 2*2(3000-4000bottles/hour). Material of packing: The wideth of PE heat shrink film (200-600mm), thickness(0.08-0.12mm)