Full automatic tubular high temperature sterilizer Full automatic tubular high temperature sterilizer

Automatic multi tube type ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization system is fully automatic PLC control, the output has 3-10 tons / hour to choose from. The machine is divided into four automatic control units: pre sterilization automatic control unit, normal production unit, water circulation automatic control unit, CIP cleaning automatic control unit. For the low temperature acid product filling process requirements and water control system, equipped with hot water pre sterilization system closed, sterilization is high efficient and reliable design of CIP and SIP system before and after production, meet the cleaning production equipment and sterilization requirements.

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  • Model: GS-UHT
  • Brand: Modernpack
  • Code: 84223010
  • Product Description

This equipment is suitable for sterilization of fresh milk, juice, beverage, ice cream and popsicles paste, soy sauce, Soybean Milk, condensed milk, alcohol and other liquid food, can also be used for fluid medicines, the effect is very significant. Sterilization or sterilization temperature (according to different material selection sterilization temperature), the equipment of feeding and discharging are used three way cock, flow can be adjusted according to need, reliable use. It is suitable for low acidic or neutral beverage, such as milk, lactic acid milk, tea beverage etc..  
Classification of sterilization equipment
1, according to the requirement of process classification: pasteurization machine, sub high temperature sterilization machine, ultra high temperature sterilization machine.
2, according to the type of product is divided into: tubular sterilization machine, plate sterilization machine, coil type sterilization machine, multi tube type sterilization machine
3, divided by automation: full automatic, semi automatic, manual
Compared with other kinds of sterilizing machines, tubular sterilizer has the following advantages:
1, high thermal efficiency, heat recovery efficiency can reach 90%;
2, heating medium and material of small temperature difference, heat transfer tube adopts a corrugated pipe, high heat efficiency, less fouling growth, the sterilization machine working time.
3, a high degree of automation, from CIP cleaning, equipment sterilization to bacteria Dutch act the whole process can realize the automatic control and record.
4, sterilization temperature control is accurate and reliable, the steam pressure, flow, material flow, strict control.
5, the inner wall of the pipe material adopts advanced technology of automatic welding and polishing, pipeline design to achieve fully automatic cleaning equipment, the whole process of Dutch act to ensure that the system of aseptic bacteria.
6, system security, system accessories are equipped with good performance and high reliability products, steam, hot water, and other materials are measures and protection alarm system pressure.
7, system has high reliability, the main components such as material pump, hot water pump, all kinds of valves, control system of electrical components and the implementation of components from the world's advanced brand.
8, the SIP system.