Fully automatic edible oil filling three in one beverage machinery Fully automatic edible oil filling three in one beverage machinery

This machine is designed and manufactured according to the principle of plunger pushing. It is a new and practical filling equipment. This machine is easy to adjust, smooth operation, small footprint, friendly interface, fully enclosed, hydraulic cylinder and pipe disassembly and cleaning is convenient, when changing the specification or correction of measurement, only to adjust the screen to meet the need of accurate measurement, the filling capacity range, minimum 1L, maximum 10L.

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  • Brand: Modernpack
  • Code: 84223010
  • Product Description

Main technical parameters:
1. filling head number: 6 heads
2. production capacity: 1500-2000 barrels / hour (1000ml calculation)
3. adaptation height: 50mm-420mm
4. size: 2000mmX1500mmX2200mm
5. power supply voltage: 50Hz, 380V, three-phase four wire
6. main motor power: 2.5KW
7. gas pressure: 0.4MPa-0.6MPa
8. machine weight: 1000KG
Adapt to packaging industry and its characteristics:
1. this machine is suitable for food, vegetable oil, honey, jam, syrup, sauce, oil, chemical products, the viscous material and liquid filling, applicable to all kinds of containers and bottles, chosen by the customer use.
2. servo motor driven piston filling forms PLC with friendly man-machine interface, has the characteristics of no bottle filling, with 5 sets of parameters can be called memory data storage and backup, replacement, filling measurement more convenient.
3. the machine is equipped with independent conveying system, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, stable operation.
4. after filling, the filling head adopts vacuum suction or feeding plate device to ensure no pollution.
5. at the bottom of the frame with steel angle welding, all other uses SUS304 stainless steel and T6 Aluminum Alloy materials, the use of standardized parts design, interchangeability and reliable.
Working principle and composition structure:
1. the piston cylinder and piston stroke of the machine are driven by the most advanced servo motor in the world, and the synchronous belt is used as the transmission to drive the ball screw. When the container is transported to the front intercept mechanism, photoelectric detection to be lit up in red tail after the arrival of bottle interception mechanism, photoelectric detection, red lights bright, after intercepting shovel off, while the bottle clamping mechanism to clamp the bottleneck, filling valve down to the bottle, PLC instruction servo motor start, drive rod transfer, make the piston do the reciprocating motion, so that the cylinder of material by pneumatic three-way valve, filling valve into the container, accurate measurement.
2. the machine is mainly composed of interception mechanism, bottle clamping mechanism, filling valve rising and falling mechanism, pneumatic three-way valve, differential pressure level compensation mechanism, servo motor drive mechanism. The whole machine is completed by PLC and photoelectric control system.