mineral water filling machine  mineral water filling machine

The machine is a full-automatic multiple-function washing, filling and capping unit. It is used in washing. filling and sealing all kinds of non-air drinks such as fruit juice, oil & vinegar,wine,fruit wine, mineral water and pure water. The line has features of unique design,new style, complete functions,multi-purpose, convenient in operation, beautiful construction, high automaticity. It is the best filling equipment in China.

Capacity: 8000-18000 Bottles per hour (BPH)
Automatic machine
CE SGS certificate

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  • Model: CGF-X
  • Brand: MODERN PACK
  • Code: 8422301090
  • Product Description

CGF series mineral water filling machine and packaging machinery is a self-developed new product by our R&D department

to meet the requirement of multi-usage demands for our customers.



The water filling machine is consisted of ringsing-filling-caping all together. It can fill mineral water, pure water and distill water etc. CGF water filling machine adpots the suspension design. It allows the machine to fill different type of the bottles. It is normally used as drinking water filling machine. However, it can also be used for fill PET bottle with fruit juice and tea at high temperature by simply change tha valve. It can be connected with our others machines to form the water filling machine and packaging machinery production line.

1. Introduction to the equipment
Bottled water bottling machine is developed by applying lots of new technologies, new techniques and new structures with the quality ranking leading in the industry. It features that the neck of bottle is clamped between the bottle clamping plate and upper plate, and it is driven by star wheel, then bottle clamp plate may rotate to convey bottle, thus achieving fully automatic bottle washing, bottling and capping with the advantages of low wear, simple bottle replacement, accurate and stable conveying and scientific procedures. Additionally, all parts which contact with fluid are made of imported quality stainless steel material or wear resistant, ozone resistant and food class engineering plastic, the electric systems are imported elements, and the sanitation meets the state standard with stable and reliable performance, low fault rate, automatic control and complete after sale service, therefore, it has earned high popularity from domestic and foreign clients as the ideal bottling equipment for various soft beverage manufacturers.
Applicable for: mineral water, purified water etc.
Applicable container: various PET bottles with different capacities and shapes
Bottling system: gravity bottling, low vacuum bottling etc.
Production capacity: 2000 bottle/h - 30000 bottle/h
2. Main components of the equipment
The main unit of the equipment composes of bottom plate frame, glass frame, bottle washing machine, bottling machine, capping machine, main motor drive, starwheel drive, starwheel plate, cap arranging mechanism, lower cap tank, cap separating mechanism and electric control system. The bottom plate frame is welded with rectangle pipe and steel plate, and the upper surface and sides are covered with stainless steel plate with high strength and rigidity, light weight as the basic part for the entire equipment, the bottom is installed with floor bolt for adjusting level and height; glass frame is used for closing the surrounding environment of the main unit, the upper part applies transparent glass door for monitoring the equipment, glass door is installed with protective device which can automatically stop the machine if it is activated. The entire machine features beautiful appearance, safe and reliable working.


Assistant parts mainly compose of back-flow can, bottle feeding flue and bottle discharging chain, additionally, such components as manual bottle feeding platform (or bottle arranging machine ), manual bottle feeding chain, automatic cap feeding machine, lamp inspecting case, code spraying machine, labelling machine are also installed according to client’s requirements.

Model CGF-24-24-8 CGF-32-32-10 CGF-40-40-12
Washing heads 24 32 40
Filling heads 24 32 40
Capping heads 8 10 12
Volume (L) 100ml-2250ml (can by the order)
suitable bottle specification(mm) φ=50-110 H=170 volume=330-2250ml (can by the order)
Capacity (BPH) 8000-10000 12000-15000 16000-18000
Washing  pressure(kg/cm2 ) 0.3
Filling temperature 5-50 C
Gas pressure (mpa) 0.4-0.6
Gas consumption (m3/min) 0.8
Motor power(Kw) 8.25 9.2 10.85
Rated voltage(V) 380V/50Hz (can by the order)
Outline dimension(mm) 2902252650 4102252650 4602802650
Weight(kg) 5100 6500 7500


Our Services

The sample service

1.We can send you the video of the running machine.

2.You are welcome to come to visit our company,and see the machine running in our factory,we can pick you up from the station near our city.

3.If we get the permission of the customer who has brought the machines from us,we can tell you our customers' contact imformation,you can go to vist their factory.

Customized service

1.We can design the machines according your requirements(materil,power,filling type,the kinds of the bottles,and so on),at the same time we will give you our professional suggestion,as you know,we have been in this industry for many years.

2. We can offer free technical support and consultation such as design your factory,draw the factory layout and so on.

After-sales service

1.We will delivery the machine and provide the bill of load on time to make sure you can get the machine quickly

2.When you finish the Preparation conditions,our fast and professional after service engineer team will go to your factory to install the machine,give you the operating manual,and train your employee until they can operate the machine well.

3. We often ask feedback and offer help to our customer whose machine have been used in their factory for some time.

4.We provide one year warranty with spare parts free.

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