Automatic 5 L Water Bottle Filling Machine Automatic 5 L Water Bottle Filling Machine

The automatic 5 L water bottle filling machine is a full-automatic multiple-function washing, bottling and capping unit. It is used in washing, bottling and sealing all kinds of non-air drinks such as fruit juice, vinegar,wine,fruit wine, mineral water and drinking water. The line has features of unique design,new style, complete functions,multi-purpose, convenient in operation, beautiful construction, high automatic. It is the best bottling equipment in China.

Capacity: 600-3000 Bottles per hour (BPH)
Automatic machine
CE SGS certificate

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  • Model: CGF12-12-4
  • Brand: MODERN PACK
  • Code: 8422301090
  • Product Description

5L water filling machine is used to fill pure water, mineral water and other non-carbonated beverage.

All the water filling machine part which contact with liquid is high quality stainless steel 304. The relative fittings are from international famous brand.

This machine is comprised of rinsing, filling and capping system. Rinsing: grip the bottle neck, rotate filling plate, inverse bottle; internal rinsing and external spraying make bottles be cleaned completely. Filling: gravity filling with holding bottle neck; the special backflow type of the filling valve can avoid leakage after filling and also control liquid level accurately. Capping: magnetic torque bottle holding type can minimize the cap damage rate and make the capping performance the best.

This machine owns the reasonable, stable and safe design. Under the condition that the bottle neck size is the same, only the output star wheel needs to be changed if bottles are different. It improves the efficiency a lot.

We are the water filling machine manufacturers in China.

The  autoamtic 5L water bottle filling machine is mainly used in the water bottling operations. The three functions of bottle rinsing, bottling and capping are composed in one body of the machine. The whole process is automatic. The machine is used in bottling mineral water and drinking water in bottles made of polyester and plastics.The handle of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles. The bottling operation is faster and more stable because the micro pressure bottling operation of the new type is adopted. Therefore the output and benefit of the machine is higher than the machines of the same specifications.


The advanced Mitsubishi programmed controller (PLC) is adopted to control the machine to run automatically while a transducer is used in the bottle -entering chains to adjust speeds and coordinated with the transducer of the main machine to make the operations of moving bottle forward steadily and reliably . It is convenient to operate with higher automation because every part of the machine is inspected to run with photo electricity. On the bases, the bottling parts of the machine can be changed into bottling methods of lower vacuum. The bottling category of lower vacuum (Z type machine) is applicable in glass bottles, bottling alcohol, soy and such like materials. The aluminum theft proof cap and plastic cap can be adopted. The machine is an ideal equipment for beverage makers.


Washing heads61218
Filling heads61218
Capping heads146
Volume (L)3000ml-10000ml (can by the order)
suitable bottle specification(mm)φ=120-200 H=170-450 (can by the order)
Capacity (BPH)800-9001600-18002400-2500
Washing  pressure(kg/cm2 )0.3
Filling temperature5-50 C
Gas pressure (mpa)0.4-0.6
Gas consumption (m3/min)0.6
Motor power(Kw)
Rated voltage(V)380V/50Hz (can by the order)
Outline dimension(mm)2000×1600×21503200×2100×26503500×2600×2650


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